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Why custom blog creation improves your page rank with search engines

Once you have covered the basics of SEO that all good websites need, strong keyword research, connection to other sites through in and outward backlinks, intelligent design as well as mobile website design, you should consider the advantages of custom blog creation for your site. Custom blog creation is a great way to add something new but concealed to your website, as well as being a great place to put extra content and for bringing in traffic, but it’s also a great way to improve your website ranking with the search engine.

An active website
A blog is generally put in place to produce regular, weekly content, which is scheduled to automatically publish at the same time each week or month. By having this kind of regular addition to your web content you will give the search engine the correct impression that you have a vibrant, thriving, and active website, and this all helps toward your page ranking.

Cover different niches
In your custom blog you can focus on various different niches which, on their own, might not add up to a lot, and for which you might have trouble finding the space for on your main website’s pages. Your blog is concealed though, so by hitting these different niches week after week you can address an overall large group of new customers who may not have had an interest in your site before.

Be the authority
In summary, much of what makes custom blog creation such an excellent source of SEO is how it is taken by your reader. In today’s world of SEO the search engine and the interest of the prospective reader are coming closer and closer together so that making Google happy and making your reader happy aren’t really two totally different things at all. Becoming a leading authority in your industry online by posting consistent and valuable posts will gradually build you a loyal stock of returning customers who will like and share your content. As well as ensuring a decent steady flowing of incoming customers, Google also rates you for how often the same users return to see your site so that you can gain in both ways at once.

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