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Why Custom Blog Creation? Because Generic Means Forgotten

When you start a blog, no matter what it’s about, the worst thing that can happen is nothing. That is to say, the worst thing that can happen is that you put yourself out there, put in the effort, and get no response from the world at large. There’s a number of reasons why that might happen.

  • You could be writing about something so niche that you’ll never get traffic for it without some very specific marketing efforts.
  • You could be writing about something so many other people are writing about that you get lost in the crowd.
  • You could be getting views, but never attracting any comments, subscribers, or repeat viewers.

The first two problems are matters of scope — figure out where to aim, and you’ll find your market. The last problem, though, is a matter of simply being forgettable. Blogs are a penny a dozen, and if your blog doesn’t have something that makes it pop for its readers, you might get the occasional visitor from Google, but you’re not going to get anyone coming back for a second try next week or next month.

That’s where the art of custom blog creation comes into play — creating the pop that makes a visitor stick around. Marketers say you have 2.5 seconds or so to ‘wow’ a visitor into becoming a reader, and for some people, that’s not even enough to find and finish reading your title. That means your blog needs to evoke trust and provoke interest using no words.

In other words, you have to show a visitor that your blog is worth their time using just the theme, the banner image, the styling, and the layout. If your front page looks like it hasn’t been lovingly customized, or like it’s just one of a thousand blogs shoehorned into the same free theme, you’re not going to win their time and energy.

DCMMoguls offers an inexpensive custom blog creation service so that your business’ blog stands out in the best possible way — and we also take the time to set up your blog to maximize its built-in SEO power along the way.

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