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What’s The Difference: Expert SEO vs. DIY Linkbuilding

There are only two ways to get your SEO on: you can pay someone to do it for you, or you can do it yourself. Every day, we get calls or emails from solopreneurs that are trying to get their one-page squeeze site some traffic, asking us how much we charge for our smallest (or top) SEO package, and when we tell them we don’t so much offer prepackaged SEO blocks as prefer to custom-build packages around our client’s goals, they tend to hang up. Why?

Because they’ve been told by some guru or another that they can do it all by themselves. Whether it’s Ed Dale of The Challenge or Allen Says of the Warrior Forum or any other big name that relies on thousands of desperate people trying to leverage an income in today’s bozo economy doing as they say, one consistent message is “you can do it, you just need to XYZ“.

XYZ usually consists of several very intelligent-sounding things which take the average participant in these processes several days or weeks — and most of which get done in your typical SEO office within a few hours of the morning boot-up ritual. Then, when the DIY crowd is starting to see a few dribbles of traffic coming in and congratulating themselves on achieving in a week what we did in an hour, their guru of choice is usually pitching some sort of upsell that will teach them how to do what we did in the post-lunch hours of our first day.

Linkbuilding  and SEOIf they had taken the money they spent on that upsell, saved it up for a couple of months, and purchased real SEO services, they could have spend those couple of months not grinding their fingertips to death at 1AM, and come up with better results at the end of the third month than their single-man-hour-per-hour efforts could have.

That’s because expert SEO isn’t just a matter of time spent — it’s a matter of knowledge, understanding, tools, and attitude. Our hours cost the same as yours do — but ours get better results, because SEO is what we do. Stick with the experts — leave the DIY SEO to the people who don’t have anything except 1AM going for them.

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