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What You Should Expect From an Expert SEO

There are literally thousands of SEO companies offering their services and it can be had to know which service you should choose. Here are some ways to sort the SEO experts for the rest of the pack. It is always a good idea to do a little research on the company that you are thinking of hiring but because of the specialization required in the SEO field it can be hard to tell spin from pertinent information.

    More Than Rankings: One of the important areas to look at is what the company is saying it will do. Many companies concentrate on page ranking with specific keywords nominated by them as their performance goal. A much wider goal should include a high page ranking as well as improved site visitors, improved sales. You might also want to include marketing goals such as more Facebook, Twitter or YouTube followers depending on your budget and campaign objectives. No matter the goals that you use to measure SEO effectiveness the bottom line of the money you are spending versus the improved sales is the ultimate measure.

  • Customization: Quality SEO services are able to respond to specific needs and if they only have a few packages that they cannot modify or optimize then this can be a sure sign that they are outsourcing the actual work to a third party. This generally means that the company is focused on sales not on providing expert SEO services.
  • Quality Not Quantity: A popular way to sell SEO services is by offering more for less. More posts, more articles and more links. This has got to be better value, right? No, this is a sign that they are concentrating on quantity and there is no way to have quantity and quality at a low price. Low quality, computer generated or copied content are going to negatively impact your page ranking.
  • Examples of Work: One of the hallmarks of an expert SEO company is their willingness to show off their work. If they have done great work then linking to the sites and allowing you to contact companies they have done work for should not be a problem. If a company cannot do this then you need to ask yourself do they have satisfied customers.

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