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What You Need For a Mobile Website Design

Computers have ruled the internet but this is rapidly changing with more than a billion web capable smart phones and huge numbers of pad devices shifting web access to the mobile arena. While top of the range tablets and pads have super high resolution screens the majority of these devices and almost all smart phones have lower resolutions and smaller screens that make viewing standard websites a sub optimal experience. Having a separate site with a tailor made mobile website design is a cost effective way of capturing this rapidly increasing market.

A Growing Market
The low cost of web capable devices has made them ubiquitous and people are using them instead of computers for all sorts of tasks. Both the number of site visitors using a mobile device and the number of mobile devices continue to grow while computer use remains static. If your organization does not have a plan to incorporate a mobile website design into your online presence then you are missing out on a major portion of the market.

Keep Designs Similar
While you might consider using a new fresh approach for you mobile site this can be a mistake because creating a single brand look across your website, mobile site and traditional printed material is a more effective way to market. Incorporating a similar feel helps to build brand recognition and brings a comfortable familiarity to site visitors no matter what device is used.

Ensure It Is Easy To Use
You might think the dedicated mobile site just means shrinking everything down but this is not the case. It is important to make finding information, completing a purchase and inputting data as simple as possible. Less detail, less graphics and pictures as well as simple easy to access menus are the best ways to make a website design for mobiles work effectively.

Take a Minimalist Approach
Many websites are chock full of information and on a large computer screen with a mouse and keyboard this is the right approach because navigation is easy and even small details are easily viewed. This approach does not work on most mobile devices forcing users to scroll around the screen and making finding what they want tedious. When a minimalist approach is taken a fast loading easy to read page is presented to the visitor giving a much more pleasant experience.

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