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What top traits do you need in your SEO Specialist?

To be an SEO specialist, a variety of skills and traits are needed to be able to produce and manage an effective SEO strategy. Some professionals may have succeeded without these skills but it is always better to look for them when hiring an SEO specialist for the first time.

  1. Excellent written and oral communication skills.

An SEO Specialist needs to have good communication skills to work out an effective strategy with the other team members. Moreover, they need to be able to convince clients and their own teams why a certain alteration is necessary.

  1. Critical Thinking.

It is good if your SEO Specialist looks into different correlation and causes that affect your SEO strategy. They are able to chalk out what happens, what has already happened and what should be done to correct it. They can easily analyse problems from a different perspective and use logic to make decisions.

  1. Analytical abilities.

SEO Specialists need to be able to dive into the world of Google Analytics to pull out the required data. A fundamental understanding of key performance indicators for a proper SEO strategy. Without it, your specialist is missing out on some major insights.

  1. Self-driven and motivated.

You would want a professional that has this internal drive to keep on learning and improving themselves. They keep themselves up to date with the latest trends and tools of SEO so that you always have the best SEO strategy at hand. A person who is adaptable and puts the client’s goals first rather than their own profit is someone you should hire definitely!

  1. Technical Skills.

You definitely need a specialist that has some kind of background in programming and Microsoft Excel. SEO professionals need to make changes related to page speed, loading speed and basic HTML tags, so a basis of technical skills is a must.

To get the best SEO results and ensure maximum conversions, it is very important that you are aware of the above-mentioned SEO traits.

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