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What Not To Do With PPC Management

While PPC management, or pay per click management, can be an absolutely invaluable asset to your online marketing strategy through its ability to drive up traffic from external locations, it can also be a nightmare come true if your content is mismanaged and poorly handled. A lack of direction and a mismanagement of funds can lead to an ineffective campaign that not only fails to accomplish a helpful purpose, but that actually harms your business by siphoning off funds for purposeless ends and putting your money into ad campaigns that yield dead-end traffic—which is not at all what you need from your time and effort.

  • First Things First — You can’t hope to have any success with PPC management by leading traffic back to your website if your website itself is incomplete or otherwise unimpressive. The customers that you bring to your site will only be as interested as you make them, so you have to make sure your product is worthwhile and compelling before ever attempting to link back customers to see it. This also means no irrelevant, broken, or confusing pages. You don’t want to waste your potential customers’ time and consequently your own money by sending them to site that will kill their interest before it goes anywhere.
  • Use the Tools That You’re Given –– Services and tools like Google Analytics and Google AdWords exist for a reason. If you are not using them to make the most of your PPC management, you are throwing away a valuable resource. Both of these are in place for you to use to get feedback on your own campaign as well as to see what is currently working for others—with tools that powerful, there’s no excuse for anything less than a stellar camping in your own interests!
  • Don’t Sleep at the Wheel – There are some times that autopilot works great. Running a PPC campaign is not one of them! While you certainly have the option to let your campaign run itself, it’s an option you should avoid at all costs. Cutting corners by refusing to keep an eye on your own campaign will lead to an ineffective and unwieldy campaign that doesn’t live up to its best potential.

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