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What Do SEO Specialists Do To Maximize Their Content’s Visibility?

Everything that happens in the world of SEO happens through a single tool: content. On-page SEO is designed to accentuate a piece of content and make it rank well. Off-page SEO is the art of creating more content that further accentuate the effects of on-page SEO. Content is how Google knows what a page is about and why to care. Content is what your customers see and associate with your business.

Content is everywhere. So how does an SEO specialist make sure that he gets the maximum amount of eyes on his content? There’s three phases to the process.

Phase 1: Creating the Content
This is the on-page SEO part. While an (assumed to be male) SEO specialist is creating his content, he makes certain to follow the basic rules of on-page SEO:

  • He researches a keyword that optimizes for low competition and high traffic.
  • He uses that keyword in the title, first paragraph, and last paragraph of that content.
  • Depending on the length of the keyword, he may add the keyword in a few more times in the middle of the content.
  • He scatters around related (LSI) phrases — essentially meaning he uses the words within the keyword phrase, uses the keyword phrase again in different tenses, pluralities, and orders, and uses words that naturally go with the keyword phrase in normal speech.

Phase 2: Socializing the Content
When the content first hits the web, an expert SEO guy will go on a social media frenzy:

  • Social media buttons go up all over the content’s page so that people can easily Tweet, Pin, Like, and so forth.
  • Social bookmarking buttons may go up, or the SEO guy might just go to Digg, Reddit, and so forth and create social bookmarks himself (and then link THOSE out to social sites.)
  • Truly savvy SEO people will have a few ‘social movers’ on speed dial and ask them to post about the new content (though this is a level that few of us aspire to.)

Why all this? Because for the first two weeks, Google loves social media mentions more than it loves anything else — and it’s just good practice to get people buzzing about your content in the first place; both mean more eyes on your content, which is the goal.

Phase 3: Backlink Building
From that point on, it’s all about building backlinks in the traditional SEO fashion. The social buzz will help, because it means you’re not building up from zero to first-page, and the SEO solidification essentially helps the content maintain (and later improve) its rank.

That’s how you get your content seen.

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