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What Are Social Bookmarking Sites?

Social bookmarking refers to a method where internet users store, manage, organize, and search for bookmarks of sites that they frequently visit. With this method, you can also see what other people have bookmarked.

Listed below are a few popular social bookmarking websites. Utilizing these websites can help increase your website’s traffic through the use of backlinks.


The essence of this website is to explore new and interesting ideas and information from all around the net. It is a kind of a discovery engine that recommends content to its users. People use this website to find information regarding anything from politics, sports, to technology. A unique feature of this website is a like and dislike feedback system. This system, in turn, helps the service personalize content according to the user’s tastes and interests.


Besides being one of the most popular social networking sites today, Twitter is also a leading social bookmarking site. Besides social networking, you can use Twitter to post links to informative and interesting articles and pages. You can also evaluate and discuss these topics with other users. This is a popular platform to spread topics of interest by “tweeting” and is used by many businesses to interact with their clients as well as advertise their product.


Established about a decade ago, Squidoo was founded to help writers express their ideas by writing pages called “lenses”. The information in the website is presented in original and well-written articles. The information is then presented in similar websites to make it easy for people to search and find relevant topics. In Squidoo, one can create portfolios of websites for those who want to publish their articles. Users who have pages that are doing well are rewarded through a number of unique features like an experience points system. Consider using this website for its profit-sharing and advertising services.

There are a lot more different social bookmarking websites but these three are among the most popular ones in the market today. Utilizing these websites wisely can be very beneficial to your website’s online presence by helping it get more traffic as well as advertising your company and product in different websites.

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