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We recommend Custom Blog Creation and Posting for the Most Effective SEO

Which of the many elements of an SEO campaign do we consider the most important? That’s easy. Custom Blog Creation and posting is by far the most valuable of all the services we offer. Much ado has been made about the changes Google Panda brought to the search world last year, but we have always focused on content as a key element in our SEO efforts. None of our client sites was affected by the infamous “Google slap down” that came about when link farms were finally exposed. The main reason for that was our focus on content-rich anchor text links from blog posting.

How does it work? You’re actually looking at an example right now. Each of the posts we put up on our own site is the same length and contains the same number of internal links that we use for our clients. Each of those links clicks back to the page on our site that is relevant to the keyword the link is attached to. When Google comes in to index, each of these links is counted. Every time someone clicks one of these links and goes to the page it’s connected to, you help improve our page rank.

The same system can be applied to your website. Legitimate SEO specialists around the world agree that blog posting is the simplest and most effective way to obtain valuable links and move up the page rank ladder. Those extra pages will also build value and authority for your website and our award-winning writers will bring life to your site that the interns and bloggers in your office simply cannot match. You can try doing it yourself if you like, but for the best results you’re much better off letting us handle it for you. Custom blog posting is an art, and we have the artists who know how to do it.

What do we write about? We write about what your customers and potential customers want to read about. We write about what makes you a better choice than your competitors, the innovations you’ve made in your industry, and a few how-to’s every now and then to make your customers’ lives a little easier. We write about your products and services, your values, and the high esteem that you have for your employees and clients. Our writers engage, captivate, and inform those who come to your website, and they do it with the words that web shoppers are searching for and search engines use to calculate your page rank. Contact us today to learn more.

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