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Video SEO isn’t a New Concept, but you may have a few questions

What’s the deal with video SEO? Why, all of a sudden, is everyone talking about it as if it’s a new thing? It’s not. Video SEO is not a new concept, but with the improvements in web design technology we’ve seen in just the past year or two, onsite or embedded videos are becoming more common. Can the search engine spiders see and index these? Yes, they can. Tags, descriptions, and keywords are just as important for a video as they are for a content page or blog post.

Where is your video published? Have you posted it on YouTube or Google Video and then streamed or embedded it onto your website? The publishing platform is a factor in video SEO. Studies done by our team and others have confirmed that videos on YouTube rank higher than those in the same market with identical keywords on other networks. We generally cross post to acquire a more diverse audience, but YouTube is to video what Google is to search – the undisputed king.

The rank of a video within the platform is also a variable in the overall rank outside the platform. If you’re on Page One for YouTube, chances are you’ll be on Google Page One. How do you get there? Use of the right keywords is critical. We avoid transactional keywords like “buy”, “cheap”, or “sale” whenever possible. They tend to rank low. Informational keywords rank much higher. A “how to” or “history of” video will almost always shoot to the top of it’s category in a fairly short period of time.

In order for us to be the SEO specialists that we are expected to be, we need to attain high page rank for all of the elements of your website, not just your home page. Videos rank, and so do blog posts and interior pages. When one of your potential clients or customers searches for keywords relative to what you do, we want them to find you, on the front page, in multiple locations. Video SEO is one of the many ways that we accomplish that. Call us to learn more.

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