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Video SEO – Get Your Targeted Audience!

Search engines not only show websites as search results, but also relevant videos to your keywords. Ever wondered how some of those make it there, on top of the list? It is all starting with video SEO, which is also known as video search optimization. You can apply video SEO to get the extra traffic, but note – this is not relevant for material hosted on YouTube. Expert SEO tips and guidelines are available for having Google index your content and show it within the search results for appropriate keywords.

– Get focused and relevant keywords. Expert SEO tip: the more precise you are, the better. Stick to a topic.

– Don’t be afraid of textual content within your video. It may appear as something annoying, like those additions you see on YouTube, but these actually help a lot as they are part of video SEO and boost the chances of making the material easily found. Text recognition technologies are well working, also.

– Avoid duplicate content. Video SEO works best with unique content. Many users are tempted to upload their videos to as many sites as possible, but this is not search engine friendly, as any SEO expert would say.

– Submit your content to Google by using a Video Sitemap. It is almost like a XML sitemap, only with a specific format, with info about the video content. Video SEO greatly relies on this. Use Google Webmaster Tools to submit it.

– The Meta data you introduce is not as important as the title tags and the title itself; therefore, take this top SEO tip: make sure these match the keywords you have chosen, as Google ranks this higher. Also, video SEO stresses the importance of a long, detailed title. Choose, for example, “Strong Dark Belgian Beer” than just “Beer”.

While video indexing and video SEO are still in the first development stages, take advantage of the top SEO tips and help your site rank high by adding a relevant video while the competition still hasn’t yet!


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