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Utilising SEO specialists

Welcome to our checklist to making the most of your SEO specialists.

First, when you first approach an SEO specialist with the prospect of working together on your website, you should have a list of your aims and objectives, and the general shape that you want the project to take.

Before work begins, be sure to work out a thorough plan for your site from A-Z so that you understand the final product before work begins, and in order to more clearly visualise your plan.

Secondly, you require the infrastructure for your site to be built. This comes before any particular design choices, content, and all the rest. In order to build your site you need to have decided exactly what shape it will take, how pages will be linked, what your menu will consist of, and so on. This stage is like having the blueprints drawn up for your site, once this is done you have a blank website ready for all of your content, logos, products, or whatever else your site might be for.

Once you have a live website, you can immediately begin to see things that you couldn’t envision before. This is the time to develop your site, add things you’ve missed, and change any elements that haven’t quite worked out as you’d thought. We recommend building a responsive website from scratch, however, if your website is not mobile ready, this should be a major priority for web development. Other ways of building your website include updating your design and by adding tactical backlinks.  

Many of the elements that we have already mentioned can certainly be considered as means of optimising your site, this includes website design and format, content, backlinks, keywords and so on, and these elements do need constant attention to improve the returns that they offer. Additionally, you can optimise your site by building a custom made blog, by creating a social presence, increasing first page placements. The final, slightly less obvious way of optimising your site, is by improving the quality of your meta titles, meta descriptions, and by utilising keywords and categories in your site’s backend.

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