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How to Utilise Custom Blog Creation

Custom blog creation is a great way of adding an extra dimension to your website, though many online businesses don’t know that they can also be used as a unique search engine optimisation tool. There are many benefits of running a blog on your business website, plus they’re incredibly low cost to run and maintain, in this post we’ll be looking at two main ways to make the most of your blog.

First and foremost you should keep in mind that your blog is there for your audience/customer. You should think of your blog as space for all the content that didn’t quite make it onto your static web pages, as well as for promotions, specialist info and advice, and whatever else works for your business.

You can write 5 or 6 posts occasionally and spread them out by scheduling them to post once every ten days or so, meaning that they won’t even necessarily take up much time. Or alternatively, hire a professional copywriter to provide the content for you.

StockSnap_IVY2VG1MADOver time you’ll have built up a large archive of interesting and informative posts. What’s more, these posts will likely be concerned with more niche interests, and specialist topics than those for your general audience on your main web pages, this is because the audience most likely to follow your blog is likely to be your most passionate followers.

By establishing yourself as an expert online you will benefit from positive publicity, especially by word of mouth, reviews, and from social media. Each of your blog posts will in time begin to pick up more and more views, and of these, a proportion will either become repeat visitors or customers.

The second main way in which blogging can work for your business is as an SEO tool. By ensuring that you take care of the back-end development of your blog, including meta-titles, tags, meta descriptions and so on, you will also be offering valuable data to the search engine, boosting your ranking.

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