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Using Social Bookmarking To Increase Traffic

Sharing and organizing your favorite websites on certain websites is known as social bookmarking. The websites that contain these social bookmarking platforms receive a lot of internet traffic. By including your website on these websites, you can build quality backlinks to your website. As you probably know, backlinks are a factor when it comes to your websites search engine rankings and visibility; however, the quality of these backlinks is more important than the actual number of backlinks. The most popular social bookmarking websites are all considered quality websites of authority. This is why should start taking advantage of this online resource, if you haven’t already.

Create a Profile on a Social bookmarking Website
The first step is to sign-up with two or three social bookmarking websites. The most popular of these are Delicious, Reddit, StumbleUpon, and Digg. If your website covers a lot news or provides informational content, then you should consider using Digg. For most other websites, StumbleUpon, Reddit, and Delicious are a better fit as they are more generalized.

Start Bookmarking Websites
After you have signed up at a couple of these websites, start exploring their layout and browsing the various categories. Then start bookmarking websites that you like that contain content and topics similar to your website. A big part of these social bookmarking websites is that they are community based. The longer a user has been around and the more positive feedback they get, the more likely people are to take a look at what they have bookmarked. Once you have started to build your profile, then you can start bookmarking your own website.

Increase Your Web Traffic
The main reason for using social bookmarking websites is to increase traffic to your website. This is done through gaining backlinks and people seeing your website bookmarked by different people. Again, the more positive feedback your profile has, the more weight you pull. When people begin sharing your bookmarked site, things can snowball from there and before you know it your website traffic will begin to increase. To keep your profile relevant, you should continue to bookmark other websites as well as your own.

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