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Using Custom Blog Creation for SEO

How can you make use of custom blog creation for SEO purposes? Well, first of all, what is custom blog creation, I hear you ask.

Custom blog creation refers to having a blog built, usually into your existing website, as like an extension, or extra wing to your website.

A blog is somewhere that while being inside your website, is also totally separate in many ways. You will often format and design your blog differently to the rest of your website, and your blog will carry out a very different, and very specific role.

2 main uses of a blog
When it comes down to it, there are two main uses of a blog insofar as it can be a tool for search engine optimisation. The first involves how your blog builds interest and attracts customers, while the second is more involved with the search engine and the back-end of your site.

For your audience
A blog is a fantastic SEO tool for your customer for several reasons, firstly through it is because you can provide a whole extra side of your site, dedicated to offering extra information for any customer who might be interested. This can be especially useful for your more niche followers.

This can also come into play when a user might be searching a niche interest in Google. It might be that an individual normally uses one of your competitors, but not having found what they are looking for on the site, they have made a search and found your site thanks to a short blog post. This blog post might just have won you a new loyal customer from one of your competitors.

For the search engine
In terms of how the search engine views your blog, it’s all about activity. A search engine like Google ranks your website according to many different factors in their algorithms, one factor though is whether the site is inactive or active, and posting regular blog posts is a great way of increasing your activity.

When using a blog, you will usually produce a dozen or so blog posts at a time, and schedule them to post at a rate of say one per week. This way, your website never goes a long period without posting something fresh.

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