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Use Social Bookmaking to Boost SEO

One of the most effective ways of building a quality back links and improving your websites SEO is by the use of social bookmarking. While there have been some cases of overuse leading to damaged page rankings many quality SEO services use bookmarking as part of an overall strategy that is very effective. Here are some ways that will maximize the positive SEO when you are using bookmarking.

Build A Network Of Links
When you bookmark content on social media website you are pointing it out to visitors to these social media sites. Each time they follow the link or create their own link you are building a network that reaches more people and funnels them back to your website.

Bookmark Quality Content
The downfall of many people that have incorrectly used social bookmarking is by overusing it, spamming huge amounts of poor quality links in an effort to get as many links as possible. This is actively punished by search engines so it is vital to use bookmarking as part of a quality content strategy. This will ensure you have quality back links and that interest people visit your website.

Value For Money
If you already have a good SEO strategy that is producing high quality content then you can inexpensively add bookmarking to it. The cost is in the blog posts, articles and videos that you are already producing. A quality SEO provider can add bookmarking at an affordable price.

Long Term Value
The networks that build on the social media sites not only help your immediate SEO but continue to add value for years. They will feature prominently on search engine returns and also appear in many social media searches that are becoming increasingly valuable. Good content and quality links also helps to build your reputation securing on organically growing audience at low cost.

Don’t Forget Video
One of the fastest growing areas is video and with the price of video content reducing and free high traffic sites such as YouTube distributing the content they are an ideal source of bookmarking content. Simple ‘how to’ videos and introductions to product functions are a great way to create interesting content ideal for social bookmarking.

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