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Top tips from SEO specialists

In this week’s post we’ll be taking a look at some top tips that seem to come up time and time again when speaking to SEO specialists. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to SEO and doing business online or if you have a long established online business, and while the rules of SEO are known to change over time, these tips are all well grounded and universal.

First of all when developing your website, try to keep design as simple as possible, while creating an attractive and functional space. There are a number of reasons that make simple design preferable, and these include keeping your website speed as fast as possible.

Other good reasons to consider keeping design simple relate to your audience’s experience of your site. A bright and flashy design can distract from the main content on your page, and can also appear a little tacky. Alternatively, let your content do the talking by utilising a clean and simple design.

Our second SEO tip, while on the subject of design, is to ensure that your site is using responsive design. Responsive design is all about building a website that is compatible with mobile devices, opening you up to potentially double the audience size.

The way that responsive design works is actually very simple and elegant, even if the math and coding involved isn’t. It works by scaling the design of your website using a grid, allowing your design to scale up and down according to the screen size it is viewed with. This allows the same quality of experience for the visitor whether they’re browsing from a desktop computer, or with a tablet or mobile device.

Our next recommendation for SEO is also one of the oldest and most tried and tested forms of SEO. That’s right, content! Although content can’t strictly speaking be considered as an SEO method, because it is also the main purpose of your website, but this doesn’t mean it can’t be used to advance your search engine optimisation.

One of the best ways of optimising your content is to use keyword research in order to determine how you phrase your content, titles, meta descriptions, and so on.

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