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Top SEO Writing Concepts

You may have your website built around the swankiest of designs, and content that promises heaven to your target audience, but without quality SEO, all that is work done in vain. For a rewarding marketing strategy, your SEO writing should appeal to your two main audiences: your prospective customers and search engine robots. To help you harness the power of SEO as a promotional tool, here are few top SEO writing concepts.

Content is King

Having great SEO content is very important because it not only appeals to search engine bots, but also has the ability to convince and convey your message to human visitors. Avoid jargon and tone down your language as well as delivery style to match your target audience. Use catchy headings and subheadings too grab the attention of customers who scan pages for information. Ensure you have crisp, original and unique content that communicates in a concise manner.

Keyword Research

Expert SEO content benefits greatly from proper keyword research. We have a variety of SEO tools on offer to help you fish for relevant keywords and phrases for your niche. Go a mile further and brainstorm for key phrases to beat keyword competition. Always aim for the right keyword density in your content.


Building Links

Expert SEO link building benefits your website in two major ways. First, inbound links bring more traffic to your website. Second, links promote your site in search engines. The value of links vary due to a variety of reasons, but collecting links from authority sites with extensions such as .gov or.edu will keep you far ahead of the pack.

W3C Coding Standards

SEO is more than just high quality content and keywords. Expert SEO website coding is vital to a successful SEO marketing strategy. Yet many solopreneurs often overlook W3C standard coding by choosing cheap or free website templates. Clean coding enhances crawl capability while removing obstacles for search engine bots.

Analytical Tools

Use analytical tools to measure the success of your SEO marketing strategy. Analytical tools will also show you the areas of your SEO that need improving. Out there, you will find many SEO analytical tools to help you.

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