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Top SEO tricks to immediately try

As confusing as the world of SEO might seem from the outside, once you start on your efforts you’ll quickly realise that it was nothing to be frightened of, and many top SEO techniques could be implemented immediately to improve your business website. This list is far from exhaustive, but is a starting point that any website can try.

Try keyword synonyms

Your SEO expert should carry out keyword research as a fundamental part of your SEO campaign, and you should have a good idea of which keywords are most effective for your content. With this said though every business has a unique customer base which it appeals to, and there’s no reason that you can’t find even more effective and unique keywords than your competition if you keep mixing them up, and trying new synonyms out within your content.

Design ideas

When it comes to website design you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of first impressions. Your visitor should enjoy the experience of browsing through your site if you want them to return. As such, don’t make things to elaborate on the design front. A clean and easy to navigate website will go a lot further than flashy design.

Design for mobile

It is an absolutely integral element for all websites today – you simply must have mobile browsing capacity for your website. SEO is based on many features, and your page is partly ranked by how much traffic your site brings in, if you aren’t represented in the huge mobile market then your rank will suffer for even your desktop site.

Build backlinks

When you connect your content with other websites which elaborate on your content, you’re building a bridge to a larger web of what should be relevant and related content. This goes a long way in the eyes of the search engine, but your visitor will appreciate too. Over time you should aim to link to sites which might in turn link back to your site, and eventually your partner sites will be directing traffic into each other’s content.

Start a blog

Why not try opening a blog in your existing website? Most of your customers or visitors will probably ever notice it, but to those searching for the information contained in your blog it can be a reason for them to discover your site in the first place.

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