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Top SEO tricks for 2016

With the new year now underway it’s time for a run down of the dos and do nots for top SEO in 2016. In short we can expect to see more of the same type of focus found in the last year, with a heavy push toward mobile design and all of the features which relate to hand-held browsing, but there are also important changes in the area of keyword use and for content more generally.

Prioritise for mobile
First off it’s absolutely essential if you haven’t done already, you must design a mobile platform for your website. With over half of all we traffic now coming from mobile devices, if you choose to neglect the platform, you’re also choosing to neglect half of your possible customer base. You have different solutions you can take, a mobile website, by designing a responsive page which will work across platforms, or by developing a mobile web app which can be accessed as usual through your customer’s browser.

Update your design
In 2016 there are so many new and exciting design features available that it would be a pity not to include them in your site makeover. Keep things simple and elegant with a neutral or tonal colour scheme, and embrace new drop down or hidden menus in place of old static ones.

Use interactive features
There are tonnes of new features becoming common in web design, many are inspired by the quest to conquer the mobile web, but most also look and feel great for desktop browsing, so it’s a win win!

Check out cascading or hidden menus, ghost buttons and icons, map services, instant call buttons and more will add depth to your websites design and functionality.

Clean design
If you’re thinking of giving the general appearance of your site a makeover then keep things clean and simple, you can always add details after but the important thing is to have a solid base to work from.

Focussed keyword use
Gone are the days when keyword stuffing has anything to offer. In 2016 competition and innovation with keywords will heat up, and it’s your job to stay on the ball by trying new things.

Content, content, content
Though it’s always been said, content really is now more important than ever. A more discerning customer, better algorithms from Google, and fierce competition means that if your content isn’t doing well, nor is your website.

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