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Top SEO trends from 2016

This year seems to have passed so quickly, and it’s about that time that we take a look back over the leading SEO trends that 2016 has produced. By keeping an eye on top SEO trends you can stay on top of the latest ways to keep your website competitive, and to keeping your website looking innovative and fresh. Here are some of our favourites.

Horizontal scrolling
This year we’ve seen a huge increase in the number of websites opting for horizontal – rather than vertical – scrolling. What this means is that web pages are read from side to side, like a book, as opposed to the top to bottom approach that is more conventional for websites traditionally.

Horizontal scrolling has been influenced by the way that mobile applications work, and the significant boost in mobile websites that we’ve seen over recent years. Horizontal scrolling allows the viewer to keep their focus on one point of the screen, and it had an intuitive feeling that works especially well for those browsing using a mobile device,

Ghost icons
If you haven’t seen a ghost icon before, then this might be the right time for you to take a quick break to give them a search and see how they look. Ghost icons are simply buttons like any that you can use on your website to direct from one page to the next. What makes ghost buttons so unique is their appearance. A ghost icon, unlike other buttons and icons, is transparent, and can be superimposed over even high res photos. Ghost icons are therefore far more appealing from a design perspective, and they also allow for less clunky elements on your page.

Responsive design
Perhaps the most important trend of all in recent years is the development of responsive website design. Put simply, responsive design allows web developers to create a website that will be perfectly built for any type of device. Previously, website owners needed to develop a mobile site alongside their main website, making mobile sites costly, as well as extra work. Responsive design makes things far more simple, as only one site needs to be developed.

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