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Top SEO Design Tips

If you’re in search of top SEO design tips then look no further. Here we’ll offer some useful tips for beginners looking to design a website as well as for those of you looking to improve your existing site.

When it comes to website design, never underestimate the power of simplicity. Look on any big name website and you’re unlikely to find a cat paw as a cursor, or bright flashing images plastered on each and every page. These techniques may have worked in the early days of the web, but things have become far more sophisticated since then. seo4

A clear and simple web design will benefit by foregrounding your content, offering a neutral and inoffensive background, and will considerably speed up loading times on your site.

Neutral Colour Schemes
Somewhat related to our previous point, make use of neutral, tonal colour schemes around your site and avoid bright and gaudy colours. These can make reading text difficult and even give some readers a headache.

Embrace your Branding
Treat your web pages as if they were physical space. You wouldn’t open a shop or restaurant without visible branding, so don’t do it on your website. Be sure to make use of the colours found in your corporate logo and ensure that a visible logo can be found at the top of each page of your site.

Save Space
When it comes to layout be sure to make the best use of all your space. This plays a role on your website, but especially when it comes to browsing on a mobile device. Beyond format and layout there are also some really interesting and innovative new ways of saving space, especially drop down menus and menus that only appear when the mouse hovers over a certain section of the screen.

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