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Top SEO Companies Don’t Just Build Backlinks, They Create Content Strategies: Part II

In Part I, we discussed the fact that Top SEO companies have an extensive process that they put in motion in order to create viable and market-effective content strategies for any industry, no matter how banal. The first three steps of the system were:
· Research (know your industry)
· More Research (know your competition)
· Preparation (what kind of content should you produce in order to position your client within their vertical)

This week, let’s move onto the part where the content is actually created.

Step 4: Romance the Crowd (More Preparation!)
Before you actually start creating content, though, you should spend a bit of time reaching out and making sure that the content you’re considering will be well-received. Equally-importantly, rub noses with some of the biggest Tweeters, most-Friended Facebookers, and other social movers and shakers, and ask them to share your content. These are long-term relationships you’re investing in, and you should treat them as such — get to know and like these people, and they will like (and Like) you back.

Step 5: Create the Content (Finally!)
Now that you know your industry, you know what type of content will work best for your audience, and you have relationships with some people that will get the word out about your content, it’s time to make it! That means:
· Brainstorm types of content and pick the one that will impact your audience most.
· Research that type of content and what aspects of it your audience relates to best.
· Develop the content itself.
· Socially market the content once it’s created.

Step 6: Observe the Results (Analysis!)
What impact did the content have on traffic? On conversions? Did the audience respond like you expected them to? If so, can you take the same content, move it into a different medium, and get more positive results without having to create new content?

Fortunately, once you’ve gone through this entire process once, as each new piece of content reaches it’s saturation point, you don’t have to start over again at step 1 — you can start right here on step 4, relying on the information you gained from steps 1-3 to get your SEO specialists right back into the action.

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