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Tools of SEO specialists

If you find the nature of the work carried out by SEO specialists to be somewhat illusive, then don’t worry, as you’re certainly not alone. Much of how the world of search engine optimisation works is a mystery to non-experts, but this isn’t really a problem. Much of the work your SEO specialist will carry out is highly technical, and the ways their work affects your site relies on many different factors which aren’t always in your hands. So to put the question a different way, what are the tools at the disposal of an SEO specialist?

Firstly, the tools utilised by your web developer will depend on the work that they are carrying out. In this post we’ll look at some of the most common tasks for SEO experts.

SEO specialists work on the content of your website, and one of the ways that they do this is by researching and implementing keywords into your content. Keywords are like functional tags which work to match up your content with how your audience base searches for those terms. There’s no point using a synonym for your product or service that none of your customer base recognise, and keyword research is how you find the most populous terms to use.

Your website SEO specialist will also have tools at their disposal to use for website design, as well as potentially being able to create mobile ready website platforms. Different developers will prefer different tools, but however they do it, web design is a crucial part of website SEO for your site.

When it comes to marketing your site, your SEO expert can manage a PPC advertising campaign to bring more traffic to your site. PPC advertising works similarly to keyword research, based on the key terms you choose to set in your advert. Ppc advertising might be especially appealing to new websites.

Whatever the job you need from your SEO expert, they will have technical tools and methods to finding you a solution, and in this post we’ve only covered the basics. Remember that you can always ask for specific advice from the SEO professional working on your site.

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