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Tips for Responsive Mobile Website Design

Here we’ll be taking a thorough and comprehensive look at responsive mobile website design, what it does, why it’s important, and how you can make the most of it as part of your SEO strategy.

First of all, especially for those of you who might be new to the idea of working online, what exactly is responsive mobile website design?

Responsive design is a solution for building websites that work for mobile browsing, and though it wasn’t the first method, it has certainly been hailed as the best method for hosting content for mobile and tablet users.

Responsive design essentially works using a grid system which takes measure of each page from your website, in order to scale it the best way possible relative to a range of different screen sizes. At the dawn of the World Wide Web there wasn’t a need for such a tool, as we weren’t yet browsing the web on our phones, and therefore most users would have relatively similar size screens for their desktop computers.

With the advent of mobile browsing, and increasingly powerful devices, we have seen a huge boom in browsing using mobile and tablet devices, and this is exactly the problem for which responsive design is the solution. With around half of all browsing now being carried out on these devices, it is essential to any website’s success that these visitors can access your site.

Now, when developing responsive design there are a few key elements which must be accounted for, and which weren’t previously all that important. The first thing is speed.

When browsing from a fixed router, internet speeds are usually strong and steady, though this isn’t the case when browsing on the move. As such, there is more of an impetus on designing for speed when using responsive design. It can be extremely frustrating otherwise if pages take minutes at a time to load.

The other main concern unique to responsive design is the need to be a little more space conscious. As many of your readers will view your content using small mobile phone screens, you need to be aware of this when formatting your content to ensure that it’s clear and readable.

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