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Tips for Using Mobile Website Design Effectively

Businesses need more than just a website to stay competitive in today’s digital marketplace. Today’s consumer is on the go and increasingly using mobile devices to access the internet, research and purchase goods and services. Creating a mobile website uses different design techniques and methods than what was used in traditional site building. Interfaces need to be configured for smaller screens that are operated by touch. To get the most out of your mobile website design, follow these helpful tips.

  • Your content should be as concise and simple as possible. A mobile user lacks the patience for sifting through unnecessary content.
  • Ease of Navigation. Your site should be easily navigated with a minimum of taps and swipes. Eliminate those that are non-essential.
  • Keep Forms to a Minimum. Forms need to be auto-filled when possible to avoid users filling multiple forms. Only collect as much information as you absolutely need to keep the number of fields to a minimum. Users will abandon a site if too much information is required.
  • Your mobile site should feature the same colors and logos as your desktop site. This keeps your brand identity consistent and recognizable to users.
  • Button Size. Buttons should be large enough to see, but not take up too much of the page. Pay attention to the amount of space between buttons to avoid the wrong button being selected.
  • Images and Logos. Images and should be compact and used only when necessary. The smaller screen size means that a mobile website design includes only the necessary elements on each page.
  • Most mobile users are looking for information or contact details. Be sure that you are providing maps, addresses and contact information in an area that is easily accessible to users.

Staying competitive in today’s marketplace requires that business owners stay tuned into the latest consumer trends. More and more people are accessing the internet through a variety of mobile devices. To stay profitable, a mobile website is a necessity for every business. Consult with a reputable mobile website design agency to ensure that your site gives mobile users what they are looking for.

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