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The Top SEO Fallacies

It can be disturbing seeing the latest news proclaiming that SEO is dead, again. The truth is that many of the search engines are only responding to their customer’s wishes to be presented with the best results when they enter search terms. Billions of dollars are spent into ensuring that people that search get quality results and top SEO companies ensure that they understand how to maximize rankings for their client websites.

Mobiles Do Not Matter:
This top SEO fallacy is really starting to bit some companies as their loyal customers find out that their awesome easy to access website is terrible on their tablet or smart phone. These devices are quickly overhauling tradition computer based site access and by not addressing this change you are handing your customers to more agile competitors.

Local SEO Doesn’t Work:
Effective local SEO takes lots of hard work but it is very effective particularly for locally based business and organizations. It is also a great way to implement a marketing campaign in a crowded market place by targeting local markets that have high sales potential. Campaigning to 10 or 20 local markets instead of a single homogeneous market is more labor intensive but would you prefer to appear in a 1000 people searches on the from page or in 100,000 peoples searches on the 10th page?

SEO Doesn’t Change:
It is common for many businesses to believe that once a websites SEO has been completed and a campaign put into motion that everything is finished. As with all forms of marketing and advertising the only way to be successful is to continue spending time and money responding to market changes.

SEO Is Losing Its Effectiveness:
This top SEO fallacy does have some truth to it if you have been using black hat or sloppy techniques. Quality content and SEO strategies have actually become more effective because websites using improper techniques have been thrown out of search engine rankings. This will continue so it is important to stay away from any shortcuts or attempts to manipulate the system.

Google Is The Only Game In Town:
While Google is important and many techniques that work on Google will help on Bing and Yahoo it is long past time to think more widely about SEO. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and many other popular websites are being searched by billions of people every day. Having content with keywords on these sites and links to and from your website can have a massive positive SEO impact.

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