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The Important Aspects of PPC Management

A lot of advertisers don’t realize that, when night has fallen and the day is over, PPC Management is about conversion. That’s the number one priority when you manage an AdWords or PPC campaign – why spend money on traffic for a website that isn’t optimized to receive it? If you find that you’re buying traffic and clicks, you want the greatest sales you can possibly get from it.

Website conversion might be a no-brainer when it comes to investment – but did you know that a huge amount of AdWords advertisers don’t have a clue as to their actual conversion rate? They’re paying for traffic and aren’t even sure what they’re getting out of it: why? It’s foolish to neglect this part of PPC management – so let’s talk about how to keep it in mind.

PPC Management – Tracking Your Conversions
Knowing your conversion rates is crucial. How are you supposed to know what prices you should bid for keywords? Installing some conversion tracking software on your website is easier than you think and the first of your steps in improving conversion rates. There are countless tools in the software market to help you see what changes you need to make to better the conversion rate of your website, tools which test changes you make on your site and help you look at the data so you actually know what changes are helping and what changes are not.

What Actually Increases Conversion?
There are plenty of factors that, over time, have been proven to improve conversion rates. If you’re looking to make a sale then you need to worry about keeping visitors on your site long enough that they’ll make action – and as a side note, your website should have a very clear and specific call for action. How do you keep visitors around long enough? Capture them: audio and video can help.

Conversion isn’t about tweaking your site’s headline – some people might claim that’s it, but there’s far too much that ignores! Your headline might play a huge part in how many people actually read your content – you want to be able to write a good headline, but that’s far from the only part of PPC management; still, here’s some tips. Look at your competitor’s sites and their headlines – which ones catch your eye and your interest? Start writing headlines that are as interesting as those, and spend some time on it. When you find one that’s a clear victor, start over: you’ll get even better ones in no time.

There are countless factors within increasing conversion, but it all boils down to this: do not pay for traffic when your site cannot convert that traffic into sales! That’s why you’re paying for that traffic – conversion is not one of, it is the most important aspect of PPC management, and PPC advertising will only benefit those who manage to convert their audience.

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