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The Basics of Website SEO

The setups of your Website SEO is very important in fact it’s fundamental to your business.  It can help position a company website properly.  So that it can be found at those crucial points during a process of buying by your clients, or just when someone is looking for your site.

So what exactly do the search engines look for?  How are you going to be able to build your website to make those search engines happy, as well as the people who come to your page.  In essence how can you use Affordable SEO and make your site stand out above the others on the search pages.  You obviously can’t skip the basics and only add in the really attractive things, because it’s much like skipping a vital part of your day.

Directory submission will help you out, but you also have to be aware of what search engines are looking for as well.  So they want to find content that is the same as what is offered on your page.

They will also look for the performance of your web page, how fast it is, and if it’s working properly.  What about authority?  Are you offering enough content or are you linking to some other outside sties as a reference?  Finally they will want to think about the experience of the user.  What’s the site look like, easy for someone to navigate, and is it safe for the user.

You must also avoid things for good organic SEO.  Those things are overuse of certain keywords on a page, or in other words keyword stuffing.  Links that are purchased, because it’s not going to work.  Also finally they will want to see if there is a poor user experience, like the bounce rate, if you hit over 80% or more you have something wrong.

Be sure to use social bookmarking to help build your marketing up some too.  A good Los Angeles SEO team will be able to guide you along the way and make sure that everything you have in place is right, and possible you’ll even find you’re at the first page placement marking!

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