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Text SEO Is So Yesterday…Try Video SEO!

Well, with so many websites trying to catch an individual’s attention, a new marketing tool is created everyday to cater to a variety of individuals who use the Internet. While some like reading and some seeing pictures, there is no doubt that watching videos is probably the most popular of the media forms. And, therefore, the rise of video SEO began. With every video watched and shared today, it makes sense to use this tool to promote your business as well. Many companies have used promotional or video advertising to capture an audience- whether it is before the video they wanted to watch or by them searching for it. But, undeniably, a promotional video piques curiosity in the product and can lead to them finding their way to your website.

On websites like YouTube, by offering promotional videos to individuals watching another unrelated video creates curiosity among watchers. Video SEOs are convenient and are essentially supplementing TV advertisement among an audience. Also, many individuals and search engines have grown wary of fraudulent text SEO claims, thereby encouraging search engines to create multimedia searches. By using video SEO, you (as the business owner) have a slight advantage- your video result may be placed higher than a text SEO website.

Choose your platform carefully, though- decide on your audience, your budget and your need. Choosing a platform like YouTube may increase traffic to your site, but can you afford it and is it reaching the right audience? Also, take pride in your content as quality matters. Just like websites, content used for video SEO needs to be engaging- you need to hold your audience’s attention. Once you’ve made your video, make sure you’ve got the right keywords tagged to your video to describe your video or business. In addition, it may help if you have a short transcript of your video attached to the video to help keyword search engine searches find your video easily.

Curiosity is the real element that drives video SEOs and is probably the most effective way to make your one time pitch to your audience about your product, service or website.

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