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Targeted Email Marketing, What You Need to Start

Targeted email marketing is a powerful tool for getting word out about your business and products. When used effectively, it could mean all the difference between better conversion rates and poor business. At the same time, your targeted email marketing strategy needs not be challenging. Unless you lack the skills, or time, you do not necessarily need the expertise of SEO specialists, although it is highly recommended. So how do you go about setting up your targeted email marketing campaign?

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Identify Your Target Audience

Well, it wouldn’t be a campaign without a target audience. Assuming your SEO specialists already formulated a strategy; arrange to have a few opt-in forms where your target audience frequents. If you will be using trade lists or purchase lists, ensure they are relevant to your website, or at least your niche.

Put together a Targeted Message

Craft your email for your target audience. If you have several audiences, you will need different messages. For instance, if you want to draw customers to your custom blog creation services, rumbling on and on about your expert SEO services without custom blog creation will not give you the desired response. Be precise, and to the point.

Use Catchy Subject Lines

You want to create intrigue and interest the moment you hit your audience’s mailbox. Even if yours is a mundane topic such as PPC management, social bookmarking, or Video SEO, use catchy words to grab the attention of your consumers. They are busy people as well; be kind.

Secret lies in Perfect Timing

The success of your targeted email marketing campaign relies heavily on your ability to deliver the emails at the right time. The last thing you want is infrequent emails that are either close together or too far apart. Be consistent and not spam.

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