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Targeted Email Marketing Tips: The One-Off

These days it is hard to know where to spend your money if you are looking to improve your website. For most people the obvious choice is on SEO or PPC, but there are other avenues to explore. Some people don’t want to get tangled up in a bidding war for adwords that might not matter to them quite as much as they think, and some people will also find that they have reached a plateau with their onsite SEO and may be looking for a little kick in the right direction from another angle. Often a great way to go is to run an Email marketing campaign.

Targeted Email Marketing is something that can work wonders for your business. It is a highly direct approach, and done properly, it can give you almost instantaneous results. As with everything, the content and delivery is critical, and this is especially the case with a one off mail out.

A one off mail out is often the most difficult type of mail out. You don’t have a chance to build rapport over the course of many mail outs, so you need this to be effective. Here are a few tips that will help you to prosper from your email marketing campaign.

Target those who are willing. Your targeted list of people should all be people who have indicated in the past that they want to hear from you. Anyone else is going to be a waste of time. To generate this sort of list, you can have a feedback section on your site which allows people to sign up to an email letter register.

Target by state and City. Make sure your target audience is right for what you are sending out. Try to make sure you use an expert SEO company who can help you to get this right.

Hurdle the filters. The design of your email letter is critical to this. Email programs used by your potential customers will try to filter out what they believe to be spam emails, so again, you need a professional company to help you to create something that isn’t going to end up in the spam tray.

Be interesting! If you want any success online, you need to remember the golden rule – content is king!

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