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Targeted Email Marketing: Increasing Results

The world of marketing is challenging and extremely interesting. Just a few decades past, emails were unheard of. In this era of robust internet use, virtually everyone uses email for business or personal use on a daily basis. With this growth has come the use of marketing through emails. Every business, regardless of its size is utilizing email for promotion of their products and services. But for continued growth and revenue, many are turning to targeted email marketing in their advertising campaigns.

What is Targeted Email Marketing?

In increasing numbers, people are shopping for goods and services through the internet. From everyday necessities to electronic and toys, consumers are taking advantage of the convenience and ease of shopping from their computer. Every ecommerce company has built a list of email subscribers that they use for promotions and advertising. Targeted email marketing refines advertising efforts even further through the use of that internal database, customizing emails to demographics and purchase history.

Using Marketing Agencies

The most effective method of targeted email marketing is through the use of a skilled and experienced internet marketing agency. These agencies are experts in preparing your website and ecommerce business for the campaign. Through the development of compelling content, eye-catching subject lines and calls to action, a marketing agency will design a format that motivates and inspires the recipient to open the email and then proceed to your site. A result tracking is provided on the web and regular reporting is supplied to provide a clear and precise picture of the effectiveness. This enables your company to easily determine the ROI of your marketing campaign.

Reasons for Success

Targeted email marketing is one of the most successful methods of internet marketing for several reasons.

  • Trust Factor. Because the recipient is familiar with your company and products, a measure of trust is already present.
  • Targeted. Through detailed and precise analysis of demographics, product type and the consumer’s purchase history, marketing campaigns are tailored and then targeted to specific groups.
  • Easily Adjusted. Because of the immediacy of tracking, the campaign format and target groups can be adjusted, saving time and increasing the efficacy of the marketing efforts.

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