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Targeted Email Marketing In A World Of Tweets And Texts

The first way to communicate over the World Wide Web was through emails. While tweeting, Facebook, IM, and texting have largely taken over our communication streams, everyone still checks their personal and work email on a daily basis. Emails build loyalty to brands, spark interest in unknown companies and topics, and allow for businesses to reach out to other businesses and consumers. Targeted Email Marketing builds companies and strengthens their sales and enforces their customer base. When using email marketing, it is important to remember the following elements:

  • Return on Investment (ROI): Tracking the return on investment to emails can be perfectly tracked based on links in the email. The links let the company know how the customers found the item (i.e. through email, search engine, etc.). This allows the company to know exactly how a customer found an item they would like to buy, Return on investment is a huge benefit of using emails to market to customers because often other methodologies make calculating ROI difficult.
  • A Substantial Audience can be Reached: Unlike Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, the end user does not have to like a page or subscribe. Instead, all they have to do is open their email and see the ad or outreach. Companies do not need to have followers to reach huge amounts of people through sending emails. This allows for brand development and popularity to be created.
  • Interactive Ads: Emails allow for the right ad to be sent out to potential customers. The marketing team has potential to create an eye appealing add that is as large as an email can hold. Often, the ads also match the current home page of the website. This allows for a continuation of style and advertisement to be made on behalf of the company.

Targeted Email Marketing is still incredibly relevant in a world dictated by 120 characters. Companies can use emails strategically to get their ideas across to potential customers. Emails are also great because they can contain a near-limitless amount of information and graphics, which allows for eye-catching design to spark intrigue. Using links to guide customers to their websites allows companies to track if a customer used their email to get to their website, allowing for calculable worth in massive distributions of emails.

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