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Targeted Email Marketing Basics

One of the oldest and most effective internet marketing techniques is targeted email marketing and it is still a value for money long term way to market to a base of high quality potential customers. There have been some parts of the industry that have tried to take shortcuts producing poor results and raising the specter of spam. If you are thinking of adding targeted email to your marketing campaign then here are some areas you need to consider to be successful.

  • What Do You Want Achieve: It might sound silly but many people start out on a targeted email campaign without any specific goals that they have in mind. This makes it very hard to measure success or plan on the best way to integrate email into your overall strategy leveraging other areas to maximize the return you get from the time and money invested. Set some goals as the first step of making email marketing a successful part of your business.
  • Consider Using A Targeted Email Marketing Professional: It can be a steep learning curve if you decide to try and do everything yourself. Wasted time and money is one of the reasons that business give for not using email marketing and in most cases this can be traced back to poor techniques in creating the email list or poor marketing material sent out that does not represent a value proposition that people want to take advantage of. A professional understands how to efficiently target the right people with a message that will interest them.
  • Remember It Is Supposed To Be Targeted: It is vital never to stray into spam territory when using email as part of your marketing activities. It is always tempting to market to the largest audience possible but it invariably leads to very low rates of response and high rates of dissatisfaction by many of the people that you contact turning them against your business.
  • Spend The Time And Money For A Quality List: Creating the contact list is the heart of targeted email marketing and is the most expensive part of the process. Do not be tempted to under spend or purchase a list that has not been constructed specially for your marketing needs. A quality list can be maintained indefinitely and marketed to with excellent results regularly. When you have a list of people that want to hear from you and want to be informed about the products and services then you will see you sales climb.

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