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Taking Control with PPC Management

The role of PPC management is geared toward taking control of your PPC campaign in order to refine your adverts, to target particular types of client, to manage costs, and in general to improve your return on investment over time.

First of all, before we go any further, what is PPC advertising? And what exactly does a PPC manager do?

PPC stands for pay per click, and this refers to a type of online advertising which is generally considered on one hand, with all SEO methods on the other hand, taking a different role.

As you may or may not know, SEO or search engine optimisation refers to all efforts to improve your website, increase web traffic, and so on, and this is done by refining your site in myriad different ways that improve the site either in the eyes of your audience, the search engine, or in some cases, both.

PPC advertising, on the hand, does not require that you carry out any specific work on your site. A PPC ad is also called a sponsored link, and whenever you enter a search term into google or another search engine and you find sponsored links at the top of search results, these are PPC ads.

A PPC advert works by only charging the user for each real click that it directs onto your website. Your PPC manager, then, is responsible for a few key things. Firstly, for bringing the price down as low as possible. The most widely used keywords tend to increase the price of each click, and so by being conscious to target your own niche you can save money by using less common keywords.

Your PPC manager can also increase the efficiency of your ads in a couple of key ways. Firstly, they might target keywords which suggest that a user is close to the point of making a purchase (as opposed to say, shopping around). This can be done in very tactful ways, but a basic example for demonstration would be to include “buy x online” within your ad. Alternately, you could set a wider net in order to increase your traffic as much as possible.

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