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  • Dominate Google with Legitimate Strategies of SEO Specialists

    To realise real success, online businesses must strive to dominate Google among other search engines. When you dominate Google (representative of all other search engines), you automatically set up your website for unlimited traffic, and consequently, more sales. With legitimate strategies of SEO Specialists, you can easily ‘entrap’ or ‘enslave’ Google bots to...

  • Advantages of PPC Management

    PPC management is increasingly becoming popular as an internet marketing strategy. More and more SEO specialists are finding PPC management a useful tool in improving the overall performance of their marketing strategy. While most top SEO strategies are as effective as PPC management, the latter is beneficial in these three main ways. To...

  • Social Bookmarking Is Just The Beginning

    Social bookmarking -- the art that forms the basis of massive power-sites like Digg, Reddit, and similar sites -- was (at one point in the late nineties) the very beginning of what is now a completely web-wide phenomenon: social networking. And much like the ancient art of social bookmarking, the modern SEO science...

  • Social Bookmarking works, but where and what are we bookmarking?

    Is posting a link to someone’s website on your Facebook wall an example of social bookmarking? Not in the classic sense, but it could conceivably accomplish the same goal, if you’re a consumer. Social bookmarking was developed to help users search for specific items in a smaller venue than a general search engine...

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