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Survive Google Panda Update with these Top SEO tips

Just the other day, the guys over at Google made some significant changes to their algorithm, forever changing how search engines mine for results. They installed an update, a nifty piece of code christened Panda. In essence, Panda is meant for greater good, which according to Google is to filter out low quality spam websites (yes, including those ‘make $8,000 per month at home, doing nothing’ sites.)

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But Google Panda is a ‘rogue’ code, and is now also penalizing legitimate sites and blogs, in the process costing both a huge chunk of organic traffic. Since Google Panda update was meant for good, and not for evil, you are quickly categorized as ‘collateral damage’ if your blog or website falls victim. Nonetheless, how do you ensure that you do not fall victim in the first place? These top SEO tips should help you:

Get rid of Duplicate Content

Even with expert SEO services, getting duplicate content on your website is inevitable. Comb through your content finding and removing duplicate content pronto. Duplicate content includes content copied from third-party websites, as well as your content that is used on several pages on your website. Guest posts and comments are also sources of duplicate content. Use tools such as copyscape.com or plagium.com to sniff out duplicate content.

Alternatively, hire SEO specialists to manage your website, especially if your marketing strategy involves different tools such as custom blog creation, targeted email marketing, and Video SEO that make your website a popular avenue for duplicate content by drawing in more people.

Always go with quality over quantity

Google Panda is quite the smart code. With the new update, Google mandates webmasters to create content for actual human readers and not search engine bots. If you were particularly fond of automated content creation, and keyword stuffing, it is high time you reviewed your content generation methods. Hire expert SEO content providers who know their way around quality content.

Become social

Well, webmasters are not exactly social, but if you want your website to survive Google Panda, it is time you linked to your social marketing sites without overdoing it.

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