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May 23rd, 2016 may go down as a big day in history for Search Engine giant Google. According to Tech News Today, Google acquired Webpass, a high speed internet operator. Google hopes to expand its ability to provide super-fast internet connections for customers across the United States.

When I read this article today, I immediately jumped out of my seat. SPEED SPEED SPEED. This word echoed through my brain. We always hear talk about keywords, key word phrases, target keywords, competitive keywords, bla bla bla. SEO companies talk about links, quality content, video marketing, so on and so forth. BUT what about SPEED?

There are a limited amount of spots on the first page of the search engines. How do you set your website apart from your competition? Let’s take a minute to look at this example. Let’s just say you are a Car Accident Attorney in Denver, Colorado. How can you come up on the first page when there are millions of listings ahead of you? Aside from your standard SEO tactics, SPEED plays a HUGE role in this. Go ahead and hop on Google. Type in “Car Accident Attorney Denver, CO”. What comes up in the Map Section and the Organic Section is found by Google, based upon search criteria factors programmed by Google. Take a look at a few of the sites. SPEED is also a factor. Look at how many possible results Google found for the keyword “Car Accident Attorney Denver, CO”, guess what… one of those local maps and organic listings is a client of OURS.

So why is SPEED to important? The search engines do not have artificial intelligence. They can’t rationally think for themselves. They are simply computer programs, built with factors of criteria that they scrub against in less than a second after a user keys in a search request.. Again, in less than a second… there goes that word SPEED again. The FASTER the search engine can find your website, the more relevant it believes your site is. The faster the search engine can find the content that relates to the search inquiry, the more relevant your site becomes in the eyes of Google, Yahoo, and Bing. In football, they say SPEED can kill. The faster you can run, the better you perform. Same goes with getting to the first page of the search engines. Click this SPEED TESTING link. See how you can improve your sites speed and optimization.

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