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Some advantages of Custom Blog Creation

Have you ever considered setting up a blog for your online business / website? If you’re currently updating your website then it might be the right time to consider some of the benefits of having custom blog creation contained in your website.

Your blog will have several uses and will be valuable for different reasons for different stakeholders including you, your customer, as well as any associated businesses / suppliers you might work with.

For your customer a blog is great for providing more depth to the information given on your website. Perhaps your main website pages will be quite general, then in blog posts you can go into greater detail for interested customers, as well as offering advice for more specialist / particular customer needs.

It’s also a great place for your customer to make comments, and ask any questions directly to you by making comments. This is great and has the wonderful effect of connecting you to your customer in a very simple but reactive way. Plus customers might even start to communicate together and give advice. This is obviously a really nice thing for the business as it creates a real culture and micro community around the product or service which could be invaluable in the long run.

Another benefit of custom blog creation for the business is that it offers a really vast space to give extra information without overcrowding your website. The really concise information can be used for the website and more details can be gone over again and again in your blog without it affecting your main website. In a sense then creating a blog is a little like creating another information rich website within your own website as a slightly different entity, with a slightly different purpose.

Also it’s worth mentioning that running a blog is a really cost effective way of pulling in and maintaining extra traffic. Plus it’s something that the business can manage itself or otherwise it can just run using content writers employed as part of the service, so it can be more or less work depending on your business’ needs.

One final benefit of custom blog creation is that for every blog post made you’ll have one page worth of content out there ready to catch incoming customers. The more posts you have, the more relevant keywords your website will have in total, and the better ranked your website will be by Google.

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