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Social Bookmarking Your Way To Success

One painstaking task can often be finding a website, a recipe, a picture, or video after closing the browser. Unlike a book, it is difficult to “flip through” Internet history to find a specific web page. Social Bookmarking is the alternative to losing links forever, while staying incredibly organized. Just like a book, one is able to save a link, make comments, and even categorize the link so it is easy to find later. The following lists the perks of bookmarking on the Internet:

  • Keywords and Hashtags: Like the index in the back of a large book, keywords and hashtags allow for links to websites, videos, or pictures to be found- except faster. These can be organized by category, personal preference, or level of importance. These are especially useful because they are personally built, so they reflect the usage of what the user needs them for.
  • Usability: When the links are saved, comments can be added to the link so the user, or whoever they share their page with, knows where the link leads to or its general usefulness. Comments are especially useful when the bookmark is shared with others. It is also useful in research or recipe organization. Text through these websites can also be highlighted or underlined, much like a book.
  • Sharing: As mentioned above, Social Bookmarking allows for sharing. Libraries, schools, even individual groups of people can use these bookmarks to effectively share information. Sharing information this way is efficient and effective because everyone has access to the same links and repository. It also allows for active collaboration among students, staff, and employees.
  • Mobility: Bookmarks can be accessed from any computer or any smart mobile device. This allows for instantaneous access to information. In a world where information is freely available, bookmarking everything makes on-the go information even more resourceful.

Social Bookmarking is just like annotating and bookmarking actual books- just more efficient and more social. People can easily share bookmarks with their peers and teachers. Also, the mobility of these websites allows for on-the-go access to information. Sharing has never been easier since the creation of these services. Annotation, keywords, and hashtags allows for the personalization of the Internet.

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