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Social Bookmarking works, but where and what are we bookmarking?

Is posting a link to someone’s website on your Facebook wall an example of social bookmarking? Not in the classic sense, but it could conceivably accomplish the same goal, if you’re a consumer. Social bookmarking was developed to help users search for specific items in a smaller venue than a general search engine query. When you post a link with a small blurb of text explaining why you’re posting it, you are giving your friends an opportunity to share your experience.

From an SEO perspective, the link doesn’t have the same value. You could get some decent clicks from it, but overall, unless there’s a content page or blog post attached to that link with some anchor text embedded in it, you’re not getting a whole lot of juice for it. Classic social bookmarking on sites like Digg, Reddit, and StumbleUpon are worth more to search engines. You also have a bookmarking feature on your web browser that allows you to share web links. Those bookmarks actually show up in search.

What exactly are we bookmarking? The question is asked of us whenever we bring up the topic of this particular brand of social media marketing. The answer is simple. We’re bookmarking you. We’re marking you as a person or company of interest and we’re doing it in venues where that information is relevant. We became the top SEO firm in Los Angeles by knowing where to place bookmarks. Facebook is a powerful site, but it won’t improve your page rank, not unless you go seriously viral.

If you’re a personal injury attorney, bookmarking your website in a network of pet supply stores isn’t going to do you much good. Connecting you to a network where others in your industry can be found, a place where plaintiffs and defendants would go looking for an attorney, would make more sense, wouldn’t it? There are thousands of social bookmarking and news sites on the internet. We bookmark your site on those that will bring you traffic, the same ones the search engines award higher page rank for.

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