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Social Bookmarking – Pros and Cons!

Being the latest popular way to promote your blog, social bookmarking still has its skeptical crowd. Have you seen those colorful buttons bearing popular symbols at the end of a post or besides it, which invite you to post it to a social network you’re using? That’s how the social bookmarking works, and it goes hand in hand with custom blog creation. It lets readers share captivating content with other friends online.

Firstly, social bookmarking is about creating relations, which are going to help you if you have a business and even if you plan to make a living from online activities. Getting more friends and affiliates is guaranteed. As you opt for custom blog creation, professionals will integrate without a doubt the social bookmarking buttons and system. Just keep on bookmarking someone’s post and see what happens – they are very likely to respond in the same manner! SEO specialists actually advertize this as one of the best ways to get relevant links to your site. Social bookmarking is fast and free, and lets you be seen by thousands (try Digg, for example). Besides, you may always come back at the posts you saved.

The main downside of social bookmarking is the spam. Custom blog creation not always includes powerful anti-spam filters, so you will get to see tons of pages flooded with people who promote their blog aggressively. They are not always real spammers, but they appear so. Make sure you don’t become one of them – promote your content in a natural way! Another drawback is the messy tags system, and SEO specialists can’t do anything about it. Users have no standards form to use, like plural or singular. Nevertheless, through the social bookmarking option one can still easily reach saved content from everywhere and share it with an audience.

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