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Social Bookmarking: Organizing Endless Information

The Internet is a treasure-trove of information. Not even the greatest libraries throughout history or in the current world compare to the amount of information and content the Internet holds. With all of this information comes great chaos. The Internet is scattered, and while individual websites are organized, the entire World Wide Web is not. The best way to organize the endless stream of information in through Social Bookmarking. This technique has various beneficial assets that follow below:

  • Highlighting, Underlining and Comments: One frustrating thing about reading articles and books online is that it is impossible to annotate. One is not able to comprehensively write notes about the subject or the text in a single place. Bookmarking tools allow for the complete utilization of pens and highlighters but online. Being able to comment out on texts online is extremely handy and allows for people to ask questions and pinpoint their thoughts as they read.
  • Sharing: Often browsing online is done alone and later forgotten. The ability to go back and find websites where information is found is sometimes more challenging than finding it in a book at the library. Social bookmarking allows for the utilization of saving links, so in one spot one can store all of their favorite and most useful websites. People are also allowed to share their social page with others. This allows for the spread of information very easily. People can communicate and see exactly what another person says, make comments, and highlight something they may have missed.
  • Hashtags: Organizing links in bookmarks is critical to their success. People are able to hashtag their links to organize them logically. This allows them to find articles, videos, and pictures even faster. Hashtags even allow for social organization so friends and peers can dig through a different person’s bookmarks with greater ease.

Social Bookmarking is a revolutionary concept for the Internet. It allows for organization where there is none in a digital world where folders and pens do not exist. Using digital bookmarkers allows for pulling information faster and with greater ease. These bookmarks are a perfect and effective way to ensure that information is never lost and effortlessly accessible.

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