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Social Bookmarking: How to get more traffic?

Social bookmarking is an incredible idea from an individual’s perspective since you can get to your most loved bookmarks from any device. Social bookmarking sites can draw in large volumes of traffic when used correctly. Sites like Digg, Reddit and StumbleUpon can be a great asset to your business if used wisely. These steps if used properly can help you succeed in getting the required amount of traffic and even more!

Create catchy headlines. If you want your content to get noticed on social bookmarking sites then an eye-catching title is necessary. A title that stands out especially with a call to action phrase definitely catches the attention of the audience.

Write down short descriptions that draw in the audience. The headline catches the audience’s attention; however, the description content maintains it.  It should be truthful with not false facts to initiate the reader’s interest. Keep it short and interesting as most readers do not bother to read more than a hundred to one hundred and fifty words. Moreover, some of these sites have limited space for description so before posing, think carefully about how to briefly describe your content.

Content wins always. If your content is not interesting enough, it would not be shared with others or recommended. Create content that is interesting, easy to read and understand. If it is of good quality, then your content will definitely get great feedback and exposure too.

Submit content to the category that is relevant to your topic. Utilize a site that has a relevant category for your content. If you do not submit to the correct category, your content might end up in general, miscellaneous and uncategorized sections. As the good categories get taken up quickly, your content’s chances of getting noticed a decrease.

Profile building. It is imperative for you to not only have a profile on a social bookmarking site but also build up your profile. The better the profile you have, the better the chance of your content getting noticed. Become an active user on the social bookmarking site and bookmark content the piques your interests. Join discussions and us the comment section but wisely. Be part of the community and share another person’s content. Only sharing your own content will not get you noticed.

Assist the audience to bookmark your pages. Make it easier for people to bookmark your content. Greater the variation you get from your content submissions, the greater chance you have of driving traffic to your website. It also shows that a large volume of traffic is interested in your content.

There you have it folks, the ways you can drive traffic to your website using social bookmarking sites. Are there any other ways you can think of other than those mentioned above? Do share in the comments section. We would love to hear some!

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