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Social Bookmarking: How Does It Work?

Social networking is the most powerful tool of the 21st century marketing world, a fact that is widely known and which has drawn many businesses, web-based or otherwise, to build platforms for themselves on blogs and networking sites all over the internet. One lesser-known form of social networking though, and one which can be used to great advantage, is social bookmarking. With bookmarking, users can save links to various sites of Internet content, and then proceed to share those links with others who might find them useful. Sites that host bookmarks often have large audiences with widely varied interests, and are therefore a great tool to reach vast numbers quickly, and without restricted demographics.

  • The Push of a Button – While most social bookmarking sites are hosted on a main website that collects all of the links users choose to save, the vast majority of them also feature a widget or extension for easy use which allows members to bookmark links from their own toolbar, often with the click of a single button, and without leaving the site they wish to bookmark. These widgets typically allow a few customization options so the links can be catalogued or annotated to the bookmarker’s preference.
  • Organization is Key – One of the nicest features of social bookmarking sites is the ability for customizable lists, folders, tags, and sharing options, which effectively gives users the freedom to develop their own organizational system of sharing and saving links to their personal preferences. Some users prioritize their content according to subject material, which allows other users to follow material they like and subscribe to updates.
  • Hand-in-Hand – The interplay between bookmarking and social networking is a fascinating thing. Oftentimes, bookmarking sites such as Digg, Reddit, or Delicious will discuss specific topics, either through designated forums or through custom tagging systems. These forums enable like-minded individuals to share information on topics and subject matter they personally find interesting, which often feeds content for social networking system and connects people with similar points of interest, which drives up relevant recommended links and recommended user profiles.

Social bookmarking is a great tool of the 21st century which helps to make content more organized, accessible, and relevant than ever before. Knowing how to use these sites can greatly enhance your Internet experience and even prove advantageous in navigating the various avenues for self-promotion and content discovery.

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