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Businesses Embrace Mobile Boom and Website Conversion to Win Customers

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Smartphones are boosting their popularity as they empower today’s consumers with more user-friendly features. In droves, businesses are adapting to the mobile device boom to improve their appeal among consumers. A crop of internet marketing companies, including DCMMoguls in Los Angeles, has emerged to help businesses convert their websites for mobile phone access.

“There are more [mobile phone] devices than people,” claims a recent article from ZDNet.com on the recent boom in tablet and smartphone unit figures. It cites an important prediction from the Consumer Electronics Association: there will be “3.5 mobile devices” per person on Earth in the year 2015. Such statistics underscore how passionately a mass worldwide consumer audience has taken to the mobile device trend. This largely stems from the helpfulness and accessibility that mobile technology offers the daily lives of users, particularly as they shop.

A video produced by internet marketing company DCMMoguls clarifies exactly what consumers adore about their mobile devices. “[People] use their smartphones almost everywhere, even while consuming other media,” says the video. “One out of three consumers would give up chocolate just to keep using her device.” When shopping, smartphones prove most useful to “find retailers, get coupons, [and] read reviews [of products]” before making a purchase. The informative video also states that nearly three-quarters of shoppers make a purchase as a direct result of information derived from their smartphones.

Savvy businesses have capitalized on critical statistics like these and hopped on the mobile website conversion bandwagon. Once considered a nonessential for most businesses, mobile website conversion now ranks as a top priority. The optimization strategy simplifies access to businesses’ brands and products to smartphone-wielding shoppers. DCMMoguls and other internet marketing companies have anticipated business’ needs and incorporated mobile conversion website work into their optimization packages and services.
“You’ll be losing out on a lot of extra business” without converting your website for simple viewing on mobile phones, says a representative for DCMMoguls. The internet marketing company integrates mobile website conversion work into its comprehensive optimization plan for small businesses in Los Angeles. The company also places mobile marketing in the context of other smart web marketing strategies for businesses, such as local maps enhancement and e-mail marketing.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, DCMMoguls has “helped small businesses beat big businesses online for over a decade.” The internet marketing company provides an array of cutting-edge services for its clients, including mobile website conversion and opt-in email marketing. Visit DCMMoguls and begin your quest to rule the Web.

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