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Show Off Your Business With Google 360 Virtual Tour

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As a business, you’ve spent time and money to transform a dull shopping space into an inviting home-like area that not only encourages good vibes, but the urge to shop. With Google 360 Virtual Tour, you can send those vibes across the Internet and grab new customers as they sit at their desktops and search on their smartphones.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Customers

There is no question that local search is competitive. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a major metropolis or a small town. Odds are you have competition including major retailers, online outlets and other small businesses.

If you want to survive, then you have to do something that gets your name at the top of the search results and sets you apart from everyone else. The Google 360 Virtual Tour is just the edge you need to knock out your competitors and be the go to spot for your local audience. Google Maps lets people see the outside of your building, which is awesome for brand recognition and helping familiarize people with your business location. Google 360 Virtual Tour kicks this up to the next level by showing potential customers the inside of your business as well. They can take a tour of your business using the same interface as Google Street View.

How Setting Up Google 360 Virtual Tour Works

When Google Street View was being established, specially equipped cars drove throughout neighborhoods, taking pictures and uploading them to Google Maps.  The process for the Google 360 Virtual Tour is similar…just without the car.

You hire an authorized Street View Agency who will come to your business with a specially designed camera and take pictures of your interior. Every aspect of your business from the shelves and racks to hallways is shown. They can digitally travel throughout your business and see everything just as if they were in the store.When the tour is recorded and completed, it’s uploaded into Google Maps and included on Google listings and whenever people see your business on Google Maps. It will be included along with your Google Street View pictures.

One thing to remember is the tour is a one and done activity. The pictures taken will remain on your listing and map page until a new tour is created. You want to make sure your business looks its absolute best. You might want to stay clear of major holidays for tours unless you want customers seeing your Christmas decorations all year long.

What Are the Benefits of Google 360 Virtual Tour?

There are two main benefits to having a Google 360 Virtual Tour: easier to be seen on the Internet and to show off the look and feel of your store. With good search engine optimization, you can certainly get on the first page for various keywords, but your competitors can be there too. It might be difficult to get the number 1 spot. Even if you’re not number 1, attributes like Google 360 Virtual Tour and structured data can tear searchers eyes away from number 1 and land directly on you. Also, Google loves Google. The more Google owned attributes your site and search listing has, the better your chances of being seen and chosen. Google’s own research shows that “virtual tours help double interest in business listings”.

When you claim a business listing on Yelp! or Facebook, the first thing a digital marketer will say is to fill everything out completely and provide plenty of information, photos, videos, etc. Why? So people know everything they can about your business. It’s the same reasoning for Google 360 Virtual Tour. It captures the look and feel of your business, giving consumers confidence in your brand.

Imagine you’re looking for a specific store on the Internet and up pops the search results page. You see at #1 a generic page title and description. Below that is your search result, with structured data showing a larger more prominent result. Your business comes up on the business map and shows them your new showroom. Which one would you pick? The generic ranked at number 1 or the amazing company with the photos? When it comes to SEO, your click through rate is everything and Google 360 Virtual Tour will improve it.

If you’re interested in learning more about Google 360 Virtual Tour, then contact us today and find out how it can transform your business listing into a converting machine.

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