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SEO Organic Coding from DCM

“You demand transparent organic foods for your body. Now demand transparent organic coding for your website.” Dot Com Media From Thousand Oaks, Ca.

The word “organic” is everywhere now a days. We are bombarded by it at the supermarket, watching television, at the gym. We are told that organic food, organic ingredients are better. We are highly advised to stay away from anything that is processed and to avoid foods with labels that state “proprietary blends”. Why is this?

The problem with foods and supplements that utilize “proprietary blends” ‎is that we as the consumer have NO idea what is truly in the product we are ingesting. Food, vitamins, medication, sports supplements should ALL list the exact ingredients and nutritional values contained in that specific product. This is the ONLY way we as consumers know what we are putting into our body.


This makes perfect sense in an organic world. SO WHY when searching for an online marketing agency do you not expect the same transparency. The food you eat, your diet, your body is JUST like your website, your content optimization, your SEO.

Organic SEO now a days requires a significant amount of technical coding and programming. Content and the management and total architecture of that content is more important that ever. HOWEVER the majority of SEO firms out there are NOT tech companies. They do NOT consider or utilize the most up to date tactics. Most worrisome of all, the majority of SEO firms use fancy made up marketing terms and list their services in a “proprietary format”. This means you are paying for a service BUT you do NOT know what you are getting for your money. You do NOT know what your SEO firm is doing for you. Proprietary Ingredients and Mass Manufactured foods will destroy your diet and immune system. Proprietary SEO Packages and Mass Produced Over Used SEO tactics will DESTROY your website and your online marketing presence.

DCM as a domestic technology firm offers a TOTAL Transparent Organic Coding Package. We utilize the most advanced forms of coding and programming and combine it with true, tried, and tested, optimization tactics. Our team of technicians stays ahead of technical curve, preforming hours of research weekly and analyzing all areas of analytics to provide our clients with the most effective forms on digital marketing. BEST of all… we are totally transparent.

We LIST every item, every service, every piece of coding and programming we are providing you. That’s right. DCM is all about NO smoke and mirrors. No “proprietary CMS”, no “proprietary services”, NO hidden “ingredients”.

We understand that your business and your financial profitable depends greatly upon YOUR ability to out rank your competition. New clients are few and far between and in order to get those new clients to call YOU instead of your competitors they MUST be able to FIND your website FIRST.

Simply put. DCM provides Organic Coding for an Organic World. There has been a paradigm shift. The search engines are smart, and they are getting smarter daily. Old school “tricks” and black hat tactics DO NOT work anymore. Small SEO firms lack the technical capabilities to provide you the quality coding and website management you need to continuously outrank your competitors monthly.

DCMMoguls.com . Advance Your Coding. Advance Your Website. Advance Your Business. Organic Coding for an Organic World.

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